Lyndon’s In The Corner For Others

Lyndon's In The Corner For Others

Manchester's light-heavyweight champion Lyndon Arthur is preparing for a big return to the ring, but is still finding time to mentor the next generation.

The 29-year old defends his commonwealth title against Dec Spelman behind closed doors on Friday, 31 July. In between training sessions, he's also heading up the Maverick Stars 'in Your Corner' mentoring initiative, working with young people. Lyndon's providing support for those in need of a 'big brother' figure including 16-year old Nissar, who said: "It's good, we've been doing different things like basketball and stuff like that. It's been eight weeks now."

Boxing helped steer Lyndon down the right road after tragedy struck his family. He was just ten years old when his older brother Zennen was shot and killed. Like so many before him, the discipline and support he found at Collyhurst and Moston ABC has helped shape his life. Lyndon's now keen to pass on his experiences and has found the mentoring process to be mutually beneficial.

"I guess it helps in different aspects of life. It probably helps you grow up a little bit," he explained. "It might sound strange saying that, but it can make you see things in a different light. I know what I've been through and there's certain things in my life that could've made me go down a different path. It could be easy for Nissar to do the same thing. I just try and give him knowledge about what's right and what's wrong."

Along with mentoring, the unbeaten 'King Arthur' faces his next career challenge against Scunthorpe's Spelman at the end of the month. Lyndon said: "It's been good to get training and dieting again and I'm excited to get in there. He [Spelman] seems like a cool kid and I know what I'm going to get with him. Like every fight, I have to get over the line and be victorious."

Million Dollar Crolla Is a Maverick Star

Million Dollar Crolla Is A Maverick Star

Manchester boxing legend Anthony Crolla has joined forces with Maverick Stars as he looks for a new home for his amateur gym.

Fox ABC in Failsworth was destroyed in March when a suspicious fire raged through the mill it was housed in. Now the former WBA world lightweight champion is determined to rebuild the gym in partnership with Maverick Stars Trust.

"It's [the gym] saved so many young lads and girls from getting into trouble," Anthony said. "It gives them a bit of discipline. When the gym was burnt down, the kids were as gutted as I was, if not more. I promised them we'll make sure that we come back better than ever so I'll have to make sure I stick to that word."

Anthony's task of finding new premises has been hampered by the COVID-19 lockdown, but with some restrictions now eased, he's determined to get the club back on track - with support from Maverick Stars Trust.

The charity has worked with amateur clubs throughout the country - helping with funding bids, facilitating partnerships and delivering community enhancement projects such as 'Sting Like a Bee', 'Fight Like a Girl' and the Food Community Hub.

(picture: Jimmy Lewis (FOX ABC founder), Anthony Crolla)

Million Dollar Crolla is a Maverick Star

New Salford Gym Raring to Go

A new boxing gym aimed at providing opportunities for young people in Salford is ready to open its doors - just as soon it's safe to do so.

As the nation remains on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, work has progressed on Walkden ABC - a joint venture between Maverick Stars Trust and ambassador Jamie Moore. The gym shares a unit at Walkden Town Centre with 'The Den' - a facility that will provide sport and leisure activities for local young people.

"The gym's all fitted out and ready to go now," Jamie said. "We've had all sorts of hurdles to get us to this stage, but I'm really excited now as I know it's going to change a lot of people's lives. Walkden's my area and it has always needed a boxing gym. I can't wait to get going when some kind of normality resumes."

In the meantime, Jamie intends to launch a series of training videos giving interested young people a chance to learn the boxing basics prior to the big opening.

New Salford Gym Raring to Go

King Arthur: A Champ in the Ring and on the Street

A new Maverick Stars initiative - 'In Your Corner', headed up by Commonwealth light-heavyweight champion Lyndon Arthur - is already proving a big hit with young people in north Manchester.

Lyndon, 28, has been providing support for those in need of a 'big brother' figure in his community. He's been acting as a mentor for one young man in particular, 15 year-old Nissar, who has struggled in lockdown and misses the focus and discipline his local boxing gym, Collyhurst and Moston, normally provides him with.

Lyndon is no stranger to life's hurdles - he was ten years old when his older brother Zennen was shot and killed - and understands the physical and mental stresses and strains that many young people are dealing with.

"I can relate to these life situations," he said.  "I'm someone the kids look up to, so they listen to me and enjoy working with me. He's always asking me 'when are you coming back?' So it's really good that he's interacting with me. We've been doing a bit of basketball and shadow boxing, but it's mainly about talking to him. It's good."

Along with his work with Nissar, Lyndon is preparing for his much-anticipated domestic clash with the highly-rated Anthony Yarde. The Londoner has suffered tragedy during lockdown with the death from COVID-19 of both his father and grandmother.

Lyndon has sent Yarde a message and passed on his condolences, but insists it will be simply business when the pair finally meet after the original event in April was postponed. A new date was set but it's still unclear if the fight will go ahead.

"As far as I'm concerned, I'm training for July 11. I don't see myself as the underdog. I've always had confidence going into this fight and nothing has changed."

Thousands Fed in Lockdown

Thousands Fed in Lockdown

Maverick Stars has delivered food to nearly 15 thousand homes during the last five weeks of lockdown.

As the country continues to be gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic, our team of ambassadors and volunteers have been on the frontline making sure those most in need are receiving food parcels. Maverick Stars has teamed up with 17 boxing clubs throughout England as part of the Community Food Hub initiative with teams operating in Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Tyne & Wear, Yorkshire, West Midlands and Greater London.

The initiative, which has cost the charity £36,000 to date, is set to continue until mid-May. Please help us continue our work by donating to:

Making a difference at Market Drayton ABC

It’s been a busy time for Market Drayton Boxing after the club has secured investment from Maverick Stars Trust to deliver an after-school project alongside the town’s Grove School in Market Drayton itself.

Improving School attendance and behaviour

Shropshire-based club Market Drayton Boxing has been able to deliver some boxing sessions to youngsters that have really made a difference.

Chris Blasé, the lead coach at club, was approached by the school to deliver a programme to seven to 11-year-olds as some similar activity for their pupils had shown very good results in terms of attendance and behaviour.

Crucial Maverick funding

Unfortunately, the school did not have any funds available to facilitate the running of the activity but Maverick Stars Trust, via England Boxing’s Club Support Officer Mick Maguire, stepped in to ensure the project went ahead.

Blasé added: “Mick very kindly helped us with our application and the planning of the programme delivery of the programme, but Maverick were brilliant and came through with a grant, without which we wouldn’t have been able to do this work with the kids.

More than 40 children have taken part

“Several of the group are now registered with England Boxing to compete and indeed one of our youngsters recently took part in his first skills bout and loved every second of it.

“With over 40 young people taking part we are delighted with the programme so far.

The pictures show some of the members of the group training at the boxing club and the whole group taking part in the programme on the Sports Field.

Maverick Stars Trust boxing project nine – The Bar ABC

England Boxing-affiliated The Bar ABC’s outreach project has been given a timely boost thanks to a funding boost from the Maverick Stars Trust.

In 2015, as part of a disability boxing project, England Boxing Club Support Officer Avoen Perryman worked in partnership with Sussex charity Outreach 3Way and Crawley ABC to deliver a series of inclusive sessions in Crawley.

After they proved to be a big success and very well attended, both parties were keen to see what other similar initiatives could be put in place on the South Coast.

And so it was that in October last year Worthing-based The Bar ABC teamed up with Outreach 3Way to help support young adults with learning disabilities to lead fulfilling and active lives.

The club’s Adrian Clark was keen for an opportunity to deliver some boxing training to young disabled people in Chichester, and Bob Leeves, Manager at Outreach 3Way, was only too happy to help him implement the project.

Helped my funding from Maverick Stars Trust to pay for the sessions, they have been an undoubted success and helped inspire those youngsters who have participated.

Leeves said: “The guys from our group are really enjoying the sessions and it is really great to see how much their confidence has grown since accessing the sessions last October.

“Some of them where a little worried about taking part in boxing, but all have taken to it and are really looking forwards to each of the sessions.

“I am also very impressed with Ady and the lads that coach the sessions. They have also taken to working with the group very quickly and it good to see the banter and relationships that have developed.

“Having something new to take part in and experience is a great opportunity for those who have taken part.”

Additionally, Adrian has linked up with several of the current DiSE academy students from Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, to get their help in delivering the sessions.

These 16 and 17-year-olds are gaining practical inclusive coaching experience, whilst also giving something back to their communities.

Clark said: “I would like to say a big thank you to the DISE students at MET Brighton, who have helped me run the sessions and who will continue to support and be part of future sessions.

“I am a firm believer that Boxing can and is for everyone regardless of age sex and disability.  It’s been fantastic working with Outreach 3Way and the amazing young adults who have attended the sessions.

“Over the course of the last 10 months, watching the confidence grow within the group has been a pleasure to see and be part of. Hopefully in the future we will carry on and continue the sessions offering boxing fitness to the group.

Bar Boxing club literally have no form of income and so far has been financed by myself, so the funding from Maverick Stars Trust has been been extremely valuable to the club in helping us buy much needed equipment for the project.”

Wimborne ABC – Girl’s in gloves


The Maverick Stars Trust is supporting Wimborne Amateur Boxing Club to deliver its Girls in Gloves project, which aims to tackle mental health problems and raise female participation levels in boxing.

What Wimborne ABC stands for

Wimborne Amateur Boxing Club was set up to bring boxing to the local community in Dorset and help educate youth through sport.

It is a not-for-profit club that has boxers from 10 to 40 years old competing across the south and nationally.

There is also the chance to take part in the GB Boxing Awards programme, which gives youngsters a chance to gain recognised certificates they put towards their education.

Dave Rimmer is the Head Coach and is a qualified Level 2 England Boxing Coach, Professional Boxing Trainer and a Level 3 Personal Trainer.

He is keen to continue the growth of Wimborne and offer top-class sessions for boxers of all ages.

Supported by £2,500 of funding from the Maverick Stars Trust, the Girls in Gloves project, as explained below, is one way of engaging with young people.

The Girls in Gloves project

The Girls in Gloves (GIG) Project has been initiated with two aims:

– To help tackle the rise in mental health problems among young women and girls

– To increase female participation in boxing.

In today’s world, young girls have to contend with countless pressures, stresses and potentially negative influences including bullying, peer pressure and feeling excluded, which can leave them feeling depressed, anxious, lonely and with low self-esteem.

The GIG program is trying to address these issues within schools by promoting wellness and positive mental health through boxing and fitness.

The proactive approach to mental health gives girls the chance to focus on something positive, be a part of a team and be able to talk about anything they feel is bothering them.

The GIG program is also trying to address and change the stereotype that boxing is a man’s sport. Women’s boxing is on the rise, and, although still behind in numbers to men in terms of participation, more and more girls are picking up the gloves, which the project aims to capitalise on.

Aimed at nine to 16 year old girls

The project’s target audience is girls aged nine to 16 years old. The aim is to have a minimum of 20 girls for each six-week project initiated within schools.

What will the girls get out of it?

Over the six weeks the students will learn basic boxing skills:

– How to wrap their hands

– How to adopt their stance

– How to move correctly

– How to throw and defend the basic punches.

But they will also learn vital skills to aid their ongoing wellbeing:

– How to deal with stress

– Talking about problems

– How to deal with bullies on and offline

– How to spot possible problems in others.

A project with long-term sustainability

As Wimborne Amateur Boxing club is not-for-profit, they are also holding fundraising events to support the project, in addition to applying for funding from the Maverick Stars Trust. The club also host regular boxing shows, sparring days and holiday camps to support their activities.

A very successful all-female show was held on Friday 12th April with girls from clubs around the country travelling to take part – and the evening was a huge success. The club intend to make this an annual event, with all proceeds going towards our Girls In Gloves project.

There are also sponsorship packages available should small business wish to get involved.

Find out more via social media

You can find out more about Girls In Gloves via the following social media links:

Facebook – Wimborne Amateur Boxing Club –

Instagram – wimborne_amateur_boxing –

Aldershot ABC – #No knives in the SHOT

The Maverick Stars Trust has put £2,500 towards Aldershot ABC’s Stay Safe #No knives in the SHOT project.  Here’s what it’s all about…

The set-up at Aldershot ABC

Aldershot ABC are are based at Alderwood Leisure Centre, which sits on the same site as Alderwood School.

The club have an entire gymnasium to themselves with a full-size competition ring and bags permanently in-place.

Their Maverick Stars Trust project

The project the club are going to deliver is called ‘Stay Safe #No knives in the SHOT’. They club are looking to engage a group of young people at risk of offending, with a particular focus around reducing knife crime in the local area.

The target audience

The club are aiming to engage a group of 20 to 40 young people aged 10-22.

How the project will work

The young people will go through a structured training programme (GB Boxing Awards) for just less than a year to give them key goals to work towards, instil a sense of achievement and to help retain the young people in the sport for the long-term as a suitable diversion from offending.

The young people will also take part in a talk from an anti-knife crime campaigner and former gang member to expose them to the realities of knife crime and aid in deterring them from becoming involved.

What will be achieved

The expected outcomes are a reduction in gang-involvement in the local area, as well as a reduction in knife crime and anti-social behaviour, together with an increase of membership at Aldershot ABC.

How will the project be sustained?

The long-term sustainability for the project will come from the participants being encouraged to join the club upon completion of the funded sessions.

It is also hoped that the successes of this project will lead to further future partnerships and projects with similar aims.

Get in touch with Aldershot ABC

Go to the club’s website at, email or call 01252 542144.

East Brighton ABC – School Holiday Programme

Recently-established East Brighton ABC in Sussex is the second club to be given support from the Maverick Stars Trust as they bid to engage young people during the 2019 school holidays.

East Brighton ABC’s bid to engage – and feed – young people

East Brighton ABC operate out of the Crew Club youth centre in the Whitehawk ward, on the outskirts of the city, and an area that is unfortunately one of significant deprivation.

The club was created by centre staff just over three years ago, when a growing number of young people highlighted that they would like to take up the sport.

Darren Snow MBE, Crew Club Manager, took up the challenge – and has been leading the club ever since.

In partnership with The Maverick Stars Trust and England Boxing, East Brighton ABC are looking to engage a group of young people throughout the schools holidays of 2019 – Easter, Summer and Autumn.

They will be looking to upskill a young and engaged boxer from the club to assist with coaching and develop their leadership skills, while also providing a group of young people the opportunity to learn a new sport through the GB Boxing Awards programme.

The young people will also get a healthy meal at the end of each training session, at a time when many of them – having usually received free school meals during term time – would otherwise be inactive, disengaged and hungry.

The target audience

The target audience is 20-plus young disadvantaged people from the East Brighton area, aged 10 to 16.

What will the project achieve?

To engage new participants in the sport of boxing, relieve anti-social behaviour and disengagement of young people during school holiday periods, and to alleviate holiday hunger among the participants.

Additionally, a young boxer will gain skills in coaching and leadership throughout the programme and their subsequent Level 1 qualification.

The long-term sustainability of the project

Long-term, the club will seek to raise funds with the 20-plus young people involved, by hosting community events that will ensure the holiday sessions can continue into the future.

The club will also use this project as a starting point to apply for future funding from other grant providers, who believe in the outcomes and can see the value of the project in 2019.

Contact East Brighton ABC

If you want to box at East Brighton, or get involved as a volunteer, you can email or call 0127 3608607.