Missing your Kids? Box the Blues this Christmas

Maverick Stars Trust has partnered with a Lincolnshire boxing gym to provide a unique programme for single parents who will be without their children this Christmas.

The ‘Boxing Days’ initiative is the brainchild of former professional fighterturned-coach Amir Unsworth. All single parents, and those who would enjoy some company this Christmas, are invited to Amir’s Boxing Academy in Sleaford.   

“I had to go through court to gain access to my daughter in 2010. It took a while, and it was boxing training that helped to keep my head together,” Amir explained. “Now, I’ve got a two-year old and I’ve gone through the same again. It wasn’t a long time, I was stopped from seeing my daughter for six weeks, but I was training hard all the way through it.

“I know full well, when life is bad or things are getting to your head and things are not going good, get training! It’ll make your mindset positive.”

Along with boxing training, participants on Christmas Day will also receive a gift hamper (confectionary, gym accessories and other goodies) and refreshments. There will also be the opportunity for all to have a chat and share their experiences.

“I know what it’s like for parents not to see their kids at Christmas,” Amir added. “I know and I train through it. When times are hard, I train. When times are good, I train! It makes everything better. I will tell everyone my story on Christmas Day, and it should make them feel a bit better. I have been through the mill, but I’ve kept positive and kept training.”

Along with single parents, anyone who is feeling vulnerable or lonely this Christmas is welcome to attend the sessions.

For more information about ‘Boxing Days’ contact: Amir Unsworth: 07713 726 636

Missing your Kids? Box the Blues this Christmas