Sting Like a Bee (SLAB) is a project that tackles serious youth violence and anti social behavior on and off the streets. These projects are hugely important to our young people and are striving to make our Towns and Cities streets a safer and friendlier place to be. 

Club Development are projects that focus on improving club facilities, and availability to their members and communities. Equally it exists to support clubs access essential funding and help them to maintain an important role in their community.   

Holiday Hunger and Fit and Fed projects support young people in school holidays who might not otherwise get a proper meal. This initiative provides subsidised boxing lessons and nourishing lunches. 

Keep the Beat a project started in 2021, is headed up by Ambassador April Hunter.  Maverick Stars Trust has committed to buy 50 defibrillators for 50 England Boxing clubs nationwide, while promoting PGPCR a charity set up to raise awareness of the importance of CPR and first aid.

Maverick Veterans is a division of Maverick Stars that has been set up to help improve the lives of Veterans of our Armed Forces. Our first 'Operation Warrior' was launched in Liverpool, and now we have projects running all over the UK click here to read more. 

Community enhancement projects focus on the wider community that exist in and around, local boxing clubs. It uses the boxing clubs facilities to help with a wide range of issues within a community such as fitness classes for people with Parkinson's disease and self defense lessons for vulnerable young women that work within the sex trade. These, plus many more are examples of how a boxing club can help a wide range of people in a community.