Jazza in the CommUNITY launches in Liverpool

Jazza in the CommUNITY Launches in Liverpool

Jazza Dickens has launched a new initiative in Liverpool to help families of addiction.

In partnership with Maverick Stars Trust, 'Jazza in the ComUNITY' is offering a free eight week course to help parents in recovery rebuild relationships with their children.

Having been through issues caused by addiction with his father Colin, the issue is close to Jazza's heart and this initiative is something he has always wanted to do.

“I’ve suffered the effects of years of substance abuse,” Jazza explains. “I want to show people how me and my Dad built our relationship. It’s one thing being inside addiction, it’s another completely different thing being outside of it. It’s worlds apart. It’s hard to function together when all you know is one way.”

The programme will be based at the Derry Mathews Boxing Academy on the edge of Liverpool city centre. Families will be encouraged to attend the free sessions, aimed at providing exactly the kind of support Jazza longed for when he was a child.

“The parent can feel forgiven. The child will always forgive the parent,” Jazza says, “It’s just having the tools to do it and the support. That’s the main thing. Not only does the child need to feel they’re cared for and loved and they can go forward with their life, but the parent can also do that too.”

Happily, Colin is now eleven years in recovery and the bond between father and son is evident as they laugh and chat whilst standing inside one of the boxing rings at the gym located upstairs at Marybone Community Centre

“We used to play snooker one day a week to help build our relationship,” Colin says. “When you come into the real world after you stop using, you’re faced with ‘who am I?’ You’re faced with shame and guilt and lots of sadness at how you behaved.  You’re hit with the reality that your son witnessed all this stuff.”

Colin’s story is one of pain and regret, but also love. After several stays in detox units, it was a dramatic turn of events that eventually led to his moment of clarity and the long road to getting clean.

“I’d walked out of six detoxes,” he says with a shrug. “That last time I had a house fire. I was in hospital for three days and I came back home to my house and the windows were burnt out upstairs and I sat there thinking, ‘what’s become of my life?’

“Jazza, he’d moved out by now as I’d moved to another level of addiction. All the boxing England stuff and trophies went up in that fire, didn’t they lad!’” Colin says, turning and smiling at Jazza. “All the boxing stuff you won; it all went in that fire. I can remember crying, thinking, ‘what next? What else am I going to lose?’

For more information, contact Colin Dobie on 07450 268161 or colindobie2099@live.co.uk

DJ Hungry For More After Olympic Experience

DJ Hungry For More After Olympic Experience

Delicious Orie (DJ) is even more motivated to reach the 2024 Paris Olympic Games after spending time in Tokyo as bronze-medallist Frazer Clarke's sparring partner.

A Maverick Stars Ambassador, DJ has high ambitions over the next Olympic cycle.

"It was amazing, I miss it already," said DJ. "The atmosphere was immense, the environment was very positive, everyone was so supportive and it really felt like a family within the whole of Team GB.

"That feeling got me thinking, I want to be a part of this at Paris 2024. It's only three years away so I want to get as much experience as possible, but my aim is to get to those Olympic games."

Despite lofty ambitions in the ring, DJ is staying grounded outside of it, going along to his local boxing club to help out whenever he can.

"South Wye Boxing Club is like family to me," he said. "I'm not calling myself a coach at all, I just wanted to give some words of encouragement and try a give a few tips from my experience."

Train Like a GB Boxer

Train Like a GB Boxer

Maverick Stars ambassador Conner Tudsbury and James Perry have launched a new initiative at Moss Side Fire Station Boxing Club this week, giving kids the chance to train like a member of Team GB.

Running over two weeks, sessions include nutrition tips, Olympic style training and meal preps.

We would like to thank Naturally Nourish Meal Prep for supporting us and providing free meals for the project.

Jazza’s Ready for Action

Jazza Ready for Action

Liverpool’s Jazza Dickens is ready for his world title tilt and is already planning his next project – helping families struggling with addiction. The 30year old takes on old rival Kid Galahad for the IBF Featherweight on Saturday, 7 August.

The pair met as young unbeaten pros in a British title fight in 2013, with the Sheffield man claiming a tenth-round stoppage. But this time, at Matchroom's Fight Camp show live on DAZN, Jazza is expecting a different outcome.

"I think I set my feet a bit better now. When I turned pro people used to say that I needed to plant my feet and I didn't know what they were on about!" Jazza said. "I've grown, I've matured, I'm 30 now. I think maturity is the main factor."

After the fight, Jazza intends to turn his attention to a project he's developed in partnership with Maverick Stars - supporting people who've suffered as a result of addiction. Throughout his childhood, Jazza watched his father Colin struggle with drug dependency. Thankfully, Colin is now twelve years in recovery and the pair will work together to help other families going through similar experiences.

“You lose everything [with addiction] and I think families are usually the last to hold on until they say that they can have no more. You should never lose family. Me and my Dad rebuilt our relationship after a lifetime of addiction, so if we can, we can show a way and work a programme.”

Boxing Education

Boxing Education

Young Salfordians keen on pursuing a career in boxing, or other sports related jobs, can now follow their dreams at Walkden ABC.

From September (2021) 'The Boxing College' will open its doors to students aged 16 and over. Based at the recently launched Walkden ABC, the 'Educational Boxing Programme' will offer Level 1, 2 & 3 Diploma in Sport along with Level 4, 5 & 6 University Programmes. A classroom has been set up at the gym, allowing boxing training and study to take place all under one roof.

Walkden ABC founder and Maverick Stars ambassador Jamie Moore said: "I was grafting, delivering beer [at the start of his boxing career] and it was a pipe dream  to do boxing day in day out. This would have been my ideal scenario. That's why we've done it."

The Boxing College is holding an Open Day at Walkden ABC (Walkden Town Centre) between 12-2pm on Saturday, 31 July. All are welcome to pop in to find out more.

Sheffield Steel Stars

Sheffield Steel Stars

Maverick Stars Trust has launched a new partnership using football and boxing to help change young lives. The charity is working with Sheffield Wednesday FC and the Steel City Gym to deliver a series of workshops for local schoolchildren.

Sheffield's most successful amateur boxer Dalton Smith, now a leading light in the pro ranks, will be heading up the project along with boxing coach Pearce Gudgeon. The ‘Sting Like a Bee’ programme tackles issues such as conflict and anger management whilst encouraging team building and exercise.

"I go back to my childhood days, and it's something I didn't have when I was young," Dalton said. "You don't have to be a boxer, but if I can give something back, then it's nice for me to do that."

Head of Community at Sheffield Wednesday, Marcus Brameld added: "We're working with hard-to-reach kids, to give them the opportunity to come into a gym like this will be fantastic. I can only see it growing from here. It'll be great to see kids aspire to Dalton's level.”

To celebrate the launch of the initiative, members of the Sheffield Wednesday Academy took part in a training session at the gym. Click below to see how they got on.

Olympic Life for Conner

Olympic Life for Conner

Maverick Stars Trust ambassador Conner Tudsbury has settled into the Olympic lifestyle as he helps prepare his fellow GB Boxing team mates for the Tokyo Games.

Conner flew out with the rest of the squad ahead of the tournament, which begins next week. While qualification for this Games has come a little soon for the man from Moss Side Fire Station Boxing Club, the experience of being on the GB squad, sparring and training with the team, is vital ahead of the next Olympic cycle. "It's brilliant to be involved and to get to sample the atmosphere and a country I'm really interested in," Conner said. "Obviously I'll be working with Ben Whittaker (GB light-heavyweight) to help sharpen him ahead of the competition. I can't wait for it to be my turn, which it will be, at Paris in 2024!"

It's been a great year for Conner who capped his first international tournament by claiming gold in May at the Socikas tournament in Lithuania.


Unsung Hero – Peter Hayes

Unsung Hero - Peter Hayes

Each Friday we pay homage to a boxing ‘unsung hero’. The lifeblood of the sport - the men and women who have contributed so much and asked for so little, who have saved lives and transformed futures.

This week it's the turn of Peter Hayes, nominated by friend of Maverick Stars Trust Derry Mathews

Peter managed England's boxing squad at the 2002 Commonwealth Games, and was part of the country's elite set up in some capacity for over 20 years.

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Unsung Heroes – Jamie Moore and Nigel Travis

Unsung Heroes - Jamie Moore and Nigel Travis

Jamie Moore
Nigel Travis

Each Friday we pay homage to a boxing ‘unsung hero’. The lifeblood of the sport - the men and women who have contributed so much and asked for so little, who have saved lives and transformed futures.

This week it's a double whammy, with training team Jamie Moore and Nigel Travis in the spotlight. Nominated by Sean McGoldrick - Commonwealth Gold medallist and top professional (10-1) - the pair train their pro stable at the ViP Gym and also head up respective amateur gyms, Walkden ABC and Moss Side Fire Station Boxing Club.

"They're all for the boxers. They put a lot of time and effort into us, especially through this pandemic," Sean said.

"They never seek the attention or the glory, they pass it on to the boxers. They help with general day-to-day stuff. Any problems or anything, they're always there. They're just good people."


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Love for Boxing in Lancashire

Love for Boxing in Lancashire

Sport and politics  combined once again to celebrate the launch of a new partnership at a Lancashire gym. Maverick Stars Trust is working with Love ABA Police Boxing Club on a series of new initiatives.

L-R Charlotte Gilley (Maverick Stars Founder), Jake Berry MP, Paddy Connellan

The Rawtenstall gym, under the guidance of Paddy Connellan, has benefited from the charity's 'subs for clubs' initiative. All members trained for free for the first two months post-lockdown. The project gave the club a financial boost and supported the boxers' families, many of whom have struggled during the pandemic.

Maverick Stars has also secured funding for the club with help from MP for Rossendale and Darwen, Jake Berry. The award will ensure the club continues its excellent community work.

"Now we have got a couple of coaches that come through the day one day a week, that opens up avenues," said Paddy. "We want to expand, we want to open it up to kids with autism, we haven't got that available to us at the moment but people have asked us for it."

To celebrate the new partnership, Jake attended a boxing session and even pulled on the gloves - albeit briefly! He said: "It's fantastic to see the work being done with so many young people; but in fact, an ABC is a lot more than that.

"I have lived in Rossendale for over a decade and I didn't know about the community work that is being done here, the outreach work to help people get back into the workplace, learn real self-worth, discipline, fitness.

“It's just brilliant to see it. It's a facility with boxing at its heart but this place goes so far beyond that."