Giving the next generation a chance to do something incredible! 

Bringing Greater Manchester Together. Aimed at tackling anti-social behavior and the knife-crime epidemic, "Sting Like A Bee" will see a series of boxing and leadership programmes rolled out in boxing gyms throughout the region, helping hundreds of young people to get fit, stay safe and up-skill.

We are excited to already be working with every one of Manchester's 10 boroughs. See below for the full club list and session times. 

Sting Like A Bee Club List and Session Times

Tameside Elite Boxing Club


Phoenix / Elite House, Wagstaff Street, Stalybridge SK15 1SY

Head Coach: Steve Brady

Email: tbc

Time of sessions: Tuesdays 16:30 - 17:30

Elite Boxing Club


Unit B, Wordsworth Mill, Wordsworth Street, Halliwell, Bolton, BL1 3ND

Head Coach: Alex Matvienko

Tel: 01204 493 563


Time of sessions: Tuesday 13:00 - 14:00 Thursday 14:00 – 15:00


Hamer ABC


Unit 4, Rugby Road Ind Est, Rugby Road, Rochdale OL12 0EP

Head Coach: Steven Connellan

Tel: 07719 883 088


Time of sessions: Wednesdays ages 8-10, 4:15pm.   ages 11-17, 5:30pm.

please take a printed copy of the referral form to your first session

For all other age groups please contact

Collyhurst & Moston Boxing Club


1 Oscar Street, Manchester M40 9DE

Head Coach: Thomas McDonaugh

Tel: 07832 983 843


Time of sessions: Wednesday 14:00 – 15:00


Conquer Fitness Ormskirk


48 Southport Road, Malthouse business Centre, Ormskirk, L39 1QR

Head Coach: Liam Woods

Email: Liam Woods

Time of sessions: Wednesdays 2pm 

Bridgewater Salford Amateur Boxing Club


Cobden Street, Lierum house, Salford, M6 6NA

Head Coach: Lee Whitehead

Tel: 07960 428 541


Time of sessions: Tuesday & Thursday 13:00 – 14:00

Walkden ABC

One Moore Round Gym 


Ellesmere Shopping Centre, 20/21 Walkden Town Centre, Bolton Road,

Worsley, M28 3ZH.

Head Coach: Rob O'Connor 


Time of sessions: Fridays 11am 

5 Ways Boxing Academy 


Valley Street community centre BB11 5LZ.

Head Coach: Kev Dand



Time of sessions: Thursdays 16:00– 17:00

Majestic Boxing Academy



Unit 6, Lion Business Centre, Wigan, WN5 8EG

Head Coach: Lee Collier

Tel: 07850 852 466


Time of Sessions: Saturdays 1:30 pm

Leigh ABC


Scott Street, Leigh, WN7 5AL

Head Coach: Adrian Flemming

Time of sessions: Wednesdays 2:00 - 3:00pm

Jimmy Egans Boxing Academy


Royalthorn Road, Wythenshawe, M22 8BG

Head Coach: Chantelle Trumpet


Time of sessions: Tuesdays 1:30 – 2:30pm

South Cheshire ABC


Chuff Chuff Warehouse, Middlewich Street, Crewe, CW1 4EA

Head Coach: Nathan Clarke


Time of sessions: Tuesday & Thursday's 

On Point Boxing 


On Point Amateur Boxing Club 

Ivy Business Centre 


M35 9BD 

Steve: 07944 838529


Time of sessions: Thursdays 4:00pm

Moss Side Fire Station Boxing Club


Denhill Road, Moss Side, Manchester, M15 5NR

Head Coach: 



Time of Session: Monday 12.00 - 13.00 & 13.15 – 14.15



Project Name: Sting Like A Bee

Dates, expected start and finish of project: 2019 ongoing sustainable project

Project Aims:

  • To identify and target young people aged between 8-25, over 2 years 2019 – 2021, that have engaged or are at risk of engaging in knife crime and or gang/gun culture across Greater Manchester.

Why Boxing & Boxing Clubs:

  • Boxing Clubs are often community hubs within areas of high deprivation which are linked with high incidences of Crime and ASB, however in community areas immediately around Boxing Clubs that is statistical evidence that Crime and ASB levels are significantly lower, than the wider community. (e.g. Phoenix Fire ABC in Warrington, Cheshire police stats recording a 37% reduction in crime/ASB within 2 years and incidental fires were reduced from 120 to zero incidences (2015-16).
  • Successful boxers such as Anthony Crolla (former World professional champion from Manchester) are often excellent role models for young people to aspire too, Boxers have credibility within the targeted areas, as they often have experienced similar scenarios or come from similar backgrounds to the young people at risk. Being a boxer or being a member of a boxing club often gives a young person “street cred” that isn’t associated with any other sport.
  • Since successive governments have engaged in a system of austerity measures that have left local authorities’ youth and social services significantly reduced and Policing also significantly affected, there is a higher reliance on voluntary and community providers to assist with interventions.
  • Boxing clubs in these communities are in prime position of providing both an intervention and a cure for the current levels of crime and asb.


  • The project template will mirror the extremely successful Champions of Life project delivered in the Anfield District of Liverpool. (50 young people were targeted initially with 324 young people who were eventually engaged by the project (2015-17). That project expanded to become Real Men Don’t Carry Knives and has had national acclaim for its success engaging with young people across all wards of Liverpool City Council and neighbouring Liverpool City Region boroughs.

The participants will be targeted in the following way;

  • Maverick Stars Trust will provide a social media template for each host to promote and use.
  • We are in the process of securing a number of Speakers to engage with the participants. Not only to educate but to talk about their experiences growing up and how Boxing has impacted their life.
  • Jamie Moore - (A local Former Professional Boxer who was a British, European & Commonwealth Champion)  – he is an ambassador of our charity.
  • Alan Walsh – Anfield Boxing Club – He ran a direct copy of a project  called ‘Champions of Life’ that began in Anfield District of  Liverpool in 2015, where 50 young people were targeted via the local boxing club to disengage from crime and anti-social behaviour or not engage with local gangs etc when they were on the cusp of joining. In the 3 year project over 300 young people engaged  times the number targeted,  so we have the evidence that the methodology of engagement works. Each project has a mentor and positive role models attached to them and the impact of these cannot be understated.
  • Victims/Family members of knife crime
  • People in recovery from drug/alcohol addiction
  • Safety Guide - This company provide educational guidance and speakers who have experience in the relevant areas, whilst supporting national initiatives of change for young people in our communities.
  • Challenge 4 Change - Team mates not inmates - - The Team-mates not Inmates Programme helps young people make the ‘right’ choices so they do not serve a custodial sentence.
  • StreetDoctors - An award winning charity started by medical students in Liverpool. In 2008, when eleven young offenders were asked if they had ever seen a stabbing, all of them had. We realised that lives could be saved by teaching this high risk group how to call 999 and deliver emergency first aid.
  • Each project will be announced, marketed and promoted via a range of social media promotions 4-6 weeks before the project commencement. Each host club will be responsible for managing the content and delivery of the messages. These links will be circulated to a variety of others agencies, including young peoples services, local authorities, local police and fire and rescue services.
  • By having a multi-club initiative it helps builds momentum in each local district, with a common promotionand that the local club is part of it.
  • Maverick Stars Trust and England Boxing will also promote and support each project by providing links to a range of partners and stakeholders.
  • GM Police/Youth Offending Services will be contacted prior to project commencement. It is envisaged that all community based Police teams near the areas of delivery will be contacted and their teams be made aware to help promote the projects on the ground. They will also assist in helping identify young people that meet the profile of the project.
  • The GM Fire and Rescue Services Community Safety team will also be contacted using a similar format.
  • Each GM local authority Sport Development and Neighbourhood units will also be contacted using a similar format.
  • Our experience shows that this 3 way support enables the correct young people are found to engage in the project.
  • Each club should then also be able to target local school network as a further support opportunity to recruit participants.
  • All the above will be arranged by the regional England Boxing Club Support Officer as part of England Boxing contribution to the project.
  • The targeted young people will be engaged by using boxing activity, leadership and wider training opportunities to disengage or prevention of criminal activity.
  • Maverick Stars Trust have already engaged with one partner to ensure this project can occur. England Boxing the National Governing Body for Amateur Boxing have already committed to this project and have assisted in identifying Boxing clubs within each Greater Manchester local authority who are proactive and have experience in working with young people whom meet the targeted young people. England Boxing have also committed officer time to this project to ensure it meets its objectives. The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain have also committed to providing in kind support for the project.
  • It is envisaged once launched that other partners will become engaged. GM Police, GM Fire and Rescue Service, GM Police Commissioner, all 10 local authorities, a range of organisations already working in the varying communities will all be approached to work with the Maverick Stars Trust in the delivery of this project, particularly in assisting in the identification of the correct young people. (As identified earlier).
  • One club per local authority in Greater Manchester (except City of Manchester where there will be 2 projects 1 north and 1 south of the City.). In total 11 projects.
  • The 11 projects will be based in the following areas and clubs; All the identified clubs are located in or near to areas of low IMD, High Deprivation where historically more young people are exposed to or at risk to engagement of negative behaviours.
  • Specific sessions will be provided initially for the participants. (Each club will use local intelligence to decide on the best time/ day to deliver their section of the project).
  • These sessions will have exit routes towards established club sessions, other clubs and other activities.
  • The project will have 4 key aspects to a successfully delivery these are as follows:


  1. A relaxed atmosphere with clear guidelines and a framework and atmosphere for young people not only to be active, but to able to talk and discuss their experiences in an environment, where they won’t be judged but supported to take positive action and ownership over past and or potential intended behaviour.


  1. Each club has role models and peer mentors whom have had similar experiences to the participants and are part of the support mechanism provided.


  1. Opportunity for participants to upskill and gain sport specific qualifications that enable them to engage in some paid/voluntary roles in the future. These qualifications can also provide entry route status for participants to engage in further vocational or academic qualifications.


  1. Annual Manchester Festival of Boxing Event to be arranged and coordinated in partnership with local clubs and England Boxing. For those participants whom engage in the sport and enter the participant pathway, they will have an opportunity to compete at a specially organised high-profile event as a reward for their engagement and hard work.


Target Group and number

  • 220 young people aged between aged 8-25. (20 participants per club) However, the majority of identified targeted young people will be between ages of 12-19 male and female.

Expected outcome of Greater Manchester project

  • All young people will engage in a personal development program which will include the following;
  • All participants will attend gym sessions a minimum of 1 a week for the duration of the project.
  • 80 participants will engage and participate in a performance pathway.
  • 100 participants will engage in leadership opportunities with the respective clubs.
  • 100 participants to qualify in England Boxing BOX Qualification to provide physical activity sessions using boxing as the theme.
  • 100 participants to Qualify in the Police Community Clubs of Great Britain, Contender Award Program and Police Leaders Award.
  • 22 participants to qualify as England Boxing Level 1 within 2 years.
  • 11 participants to qualify as England Boxing Level 2 within 3 years.
  • 10 participants to volunteer at Manchester Festival of Boxing and learn roles in administration and event management support.

Measurement of project (what will constitute success)

  • Engagement of 220 young people and the opportunity to develop themselves.
  • Development of several case studies to highlight individual’s personal journeys through the project.
  • Trained individuals that will impact and deliver back to their local communities within Greater Manchester in a positive way.
  • Removing the opportunity for young people to be engaged in knife/gun crime/gang culture/anti-social behaviour in any way possible.
  • Young people entering the performance pathway and maximising their potential as athletes and potentially entering a career in the sport of boxing.
  • Successful delivery of the Manchester Festival of Boxing, that will provide a legacy opportunity for years to come.

All the interventions in the section above will be recorded throughout the project so that a catalogue of evidence and portfolio will be designed and produced at the project conclusion showcasing all the work done.

Click on the PDF link below to download and print the Sting Like A Bee boxing referral form.