Man of the People

He's preparing for the biggest night of his boxing career, but Jazza Dickens is still helping others less fortunate in his home city. The affable Liverpudlian takes on Ryan Walsh in the 'Golden Contract' final with the carrot of a lucrative two-year, five-fight deal up for grabs for the winner.

"It's life-changing," Jazza said with a grin. "More than life-changing! It'll put me in a position I've never been in before. It'll put my family in a position they've never been in before. All the sacrifices made - I'm doing it for them, as much as for me and for my community."

Community is a word Jazza mentions often, although his work helping others goes largely goes under the radar. He's currently working on an initiative with Maverick Stars to help families affected by addiction - a subject close to his heart owing to his father's drug addiction and subsequent recovery.

"We need to bring back our communities," Jazza said. "Like the work you're doing at Maverick [Stars], it's amazing work and I'd encourage anyone to try and pick their community up, to get involved because so many things come from it."

Jazza is currently sporting a 'Mo' as part of Movember and all donations will go to the Sisters of Mercy who feed and clothe the homeless in Liverpool city centre. If Jazza reaches his £5,000 target, the moustache will stay in place for the Walsh fight

Meanwhile, the likeable featherweight has been training meticulously for the fight of his life under the guidance of coaching team George Vaughan and Maverick Stars' very own Derry Mathews.  The 29 year-old faces a big challenge against Norfolk-based Walsh - a man he has great respect for - but he's convinced it will be his night under the lights when the pair meet at a tv studio in Wakefield.

"A lot of things make sense coming into this final - the amount of time it's took, the COVID situation. I feel like it's all fallen into place," Jazza added.

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Man of the People