Rebuild Edges Closer

After years of red tape and bureaucracy thwarting plans for an extension, Timperley ABC can finally see light at the end of the tunnel.

The club, located on the Broomwood estate, has been forced to turn young people away due to the gym's small space within the community Wellbeing Centre. Now, with the gym close to reaching its fundraising target, it's hoped the first spade will go into the ground at the end of August.

Maverick Stars Trust has helped fund the build and is the driving force behind the project. It's now hoped the shortfall will be met by local businesses keen on forming a mutually beneficial alliance with the club. Timperley ABC head coach Mark Davidson said:  "There's a chance for some big businesses to get involved. They might not even know we're here!

"Anyone who wants to donate - we need it. We're also looking to do a 'buy a brick' project. We're going to have other sports in the building too, not just boxing, as there's nothing on this estate."

If you'd like to get involved and help sustain this vital provision, please contact:



Rebuild Edges Closer