Derry's Gym Teams Up With Maverick

Former British and Commonwealth lightweight champion Derry Mathews has joined forces with Maverick Stars to launch a series of community initiatives.

Located in Liverpool city centre, 'Derry's Gym' is currently waiting for the green light to re-open following lockdown, but in the meantime, the former world title challenger is working with Maverick Stars to help tackle issues such as homelessness and knife crime.

"There's a lot of boxing clubs out there all doing tremendous projects,” Derry said. “It's about time our boxing club got involved and we move down the right path. What Maverick [Stars] are doing is superb. I'm so proud to be part of it and I'm looking forward to the future with them.”

Watch the full video with Derry below.....

Derry’s Gym Teams Up With Maverick