Lyndon's In The Corner For Others

Manchester's light-heavyweight champion Lyndon Arthur is preparing for a big return to the ring, but is still finding time to mentor the next generation.

The 29-year old defends his commonwealth title against Dec Spelman behind closed doors on Friday, 31 July. In between training sessions, he's also heading up the Maverick Stars 'in Your Corner' mentoring initiative, working with young people. Lyndon's providing support for those in need of a 'big brother' figure including 16-year old Nissar, who said: "It's good, we've been doing different things like basketball and stuff like that. It's been eight weeks now."

Boxing helped steer Lyndon down the right road after tragedy struck his family. He was just ten years old when his older brother Zennen was shot and killed. Like so many before him, the discipline and support he found at Collyhurst and Moston ABC has helped shape his life. Lyndon's now keen to pass on his experiences and has found the mentoring process to be mutually beneficial.

"I guess it helps in different aspects of life. It probably helps you grow up a little bit," he explained. "It might sound strange saying that, but it can make you see things in a different light. I know what I've been through and there's certain things in my life that could've made me go down a different path. It could be easy for Nissar to do the same thing. I just try and give him knowledge about what's right and what's wrong."

Along with mentoring, the unbeaten 'King Arthur' faces his next career challenge against Scunthorpe's Spelman at the end of the month. Lyndon said: "It's been good to get training and dieting again and I'm excited to get in there. He [Spelman] seems like a cool kid and I know what I'm going to get with him. Like every fight, I have to get over the line and be victorious."

Lyndon’s In The Corner For Others