Word from the bubble - Chantelle Cameron

Chantelle Cameron believes her professional experience will be enough to win the world title on Sunday night.

The Maverick Stars ambassador fights Adriana dos Santos Araujo for the vacant WBC super lightweight title live on Sky Sports, and she spoke to Dom McGuinness from her hotel room yesterday.

“She [Araujo] has got a really good amateur pedigree but I feel like in the pros I’m more experienced,” Chantelle said. “I think I’m a better pro fighter, so I’ve just got to take that into the ring with me.”

Every fighter dreams of winning a world title in front of their own fans, but that is something that won’t be possible on Sunday night due to Coronavirus restrictions.

“I’m only down the road [from home] so it’s a bit of a disappointment but at the end of the day I want to win a world title and I’ve got the opportunity now so I’m going to take it with both hands,” she said. “I don’t feel like I need a crowd.”

Fighting for the world title has been long overdue for the Northampton born fighter, but a win on Sunday could open the door to some big fights.

“As long as I win, it could be the start of something special,” she said. “I’ve just got to get the win. I feel like it will be a carrot dangling in front of me for people to come and fight me.”

Having been in isolation for the week in her hotel room, it has given Chantelle the luxury of no distractions on fight week.

“It’s not that bad because you can stay focussed on the fight and what you’ve got to do,” she said, before glancing out of her window.

“The hotel is actually really nice to be fair, there’s a McDonalds across the road!” which swiftly prompted her trainer Jamie Moore to intervene.

“That’s the motivation!” he said. “Not winning world titles or financially securing yourself, it’s to get out of this hotel and out of the bubble and into McDonalds!”

Outside of the ring, Chantelle has been doing invaluable mentoring work for Maverick Stars with ten-year-old Leah Paylor.

Chantelle smiled at the mention of Leah, saying: “I’ve been speaking to Leah and they’re going to be watching back home.”

Chantelle weighed in earlier at 9st 11lbs 7oz, whilst her opponent missed weight significantly (5lbs 7oz over the 10st weight limit) meaning only Cameron can win the world title tomorrow.

Word from the bubble – Chantelle Cameron