Chantelle Cameron can create her own legacy, says Moore

Jamie Moore believes a win tonight can set Chantelle Cameron up to create a legacy in women’s boxing, similar to the one Katie Taylor has made for herself.

Cameron fights Adriana Dos Santos Araujo for the vacant WBC world super lightweight title later on today, live on Sky Sports.

“Chantelle’s been in a position over the last twelve months where she’s a lot of risk and not a lot of reward for people to fight her,” Jamie said. “When she wins a world title, she puts herself in the frame as a potential opponent for Katie [Taylor].”

“It does open a lot of doors for her but to be honest with you, I don’t think Chantelle needs Katie Taylor,” he said. “I think Sunday will be a coming out party, a lot of people will stand up and take notice of her and then she’ll set her own path.”

Jamie then quickly added: “I think in time she’ll set her own legacy and people will look at Chantelle in two or three years time in the same light as Katie Taylor.”

Because of Coronavirus protocols there will be no fans in the arena, but that is of little concern to Team Cameron.

“It is a shame but in years to come it won’t matter,” he said. “It’ll always be down on paper in the record books that Chantelle was WBC world champion and I’m sure she’ll be able to have a homecoming fight when crowds can come back in, and we can celebrate her becoming a world champion and fill an arena in Northampton.”

Elsewhere on the bill tonight, another of Jamie’s fighters Aqib Fiaz takes a big step up.

“He’s boxing Kane Baker,” Jamie said. “that’s a little bit of a grudge match because of what happened last time.”

During midweek, Steven Ward (again trained by Jamie) stepped up to cruiserweight and won convincingly.

“Steven has always fundamentally been really good, nice solid base, great feet, good mobility for a big guy and a good jab,” Moore said. “When he sticks to what he does well instead of getting dragged into a fight he’s such a difficult fighter to beat.”

He added: “It’s definitely the right division for him and I think he’s going to be involved in some good fights over the next twelve months.”

Chantelle Cameron can create her own legacy, says Moore