Unsung Hero - Reece Bretherton

Each Friday we pay homage to a boxing ‘unsung hero’. The lifeblood of the sport - the men and women who have contributed so much and asked for so little, who have saved lives and transformed futures.

This week it's the turn of Chorley ABC coach Reece Bretherton, amateur trainer of future world title challenger Jack Catterall.

Reece first became involved in boxing in 1961 and has been working in the sport every since.

Since then he has gone on to coach at Chorley ABC, North West Counties and England Schoolboys, as well as taking squads to Denmark and Russia.

"Reece is in his eighties now and still going down to the gym a couple of nights a week," said Jack.

"It's never been about praise for Reece. I spent eight years training with him and the discipline and life lessons he has installed in me, I hope I can pass them on to the next generation."

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Unsung Hero – Reece Bretherton