Unsung Hero - Mick Maguire

Each Friday we pay homage to a boxing ‘unsung hero’. The lifeblood of the sport - the men and women who have contributed so much and asked for so little, who have saved lives and transformed futures.

This week, it's the turn of Jewellery Quarter ABC Head Coach and England Boxing's female development coach Mick Maguire.

Mick has nurtured young boxing talent from the Birmingham area for decades, and is responsible for the development of Maverick Stars Trust ambassador and Team GB star Delicious Orie.

"Mick Maguire, absolute legend of a man," said DJ. "He's looked after me ever since the start of my boxing journey and took me all around the nation entering me in tournaments.

"I couldn't thank this man enough," he added. "Over the years I started to realise that this guy's doing it because of the love of the sport  and the love of helping people, and that's why he's my unsung hero."

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Unsung Hero – Mick Maguire