International Success for 'Girls in Gloves' Campaign

Since launching its 'Girls in Gloves' programme nearly two years ago, Wimborne ABC have already had success on the international stage.

The 'Girls in Gloves' initiative, which aims to help tackle mental health problems and raise female participation levels in boxing, is proving hugely successful and has resulted in several girls competing in the sport.

Kiki Hickson (pictured), 11, initially took up the sport to channel her anger and frustration in a positive way, but the sport has become an even bigger part of her life than she could have ever expected. 

She travelled to Sweden to compete in the Golden Girls tournament last year, and returned home with a gold medal.

The aim now for Kiki is to push on and join England Boxing's elite pathway.

Wimborne Boxing Club's coach and Maverick Stars Trust ambassador Dave Rimmer said "The biggest win for me hasn't been in the ring, it's been watching her grow into a brilliant kid who throughly enjoys her boxing and is a massive part of the Wimborne Boxing family."

International Success for ‘Girls in Gloves’ Campaign