Unsung Hero - Jimmy Lewis

Unsung Hero - Someone who does a great job but receives little or no recognition for it.

That, by definition, is Jimmy Lewis.

Founder of Fox ABC in 1978, Jimmy has helped thousands of kids from Manchester to find the right path in life.

"All the young lads coming through, they remind me of the lads from years ago," he said. "They all put hard work in, we make sure they do and we make sure they behave themselves."

The club had struggled to find a new home since a fire destroyed their old premises last year, but with the help of Maverick Stars Trust, they have relocated to Avro FC in North Manchester.

"I couldn't believe it when I came to see how much has been done," he said. "An unfortunate situation with the fire has turned out brilliantly."

Anthony Crolla has called the Fox home throughout his boxing career, and the work he did with Jimmy as a young fighter is a big part of the successes he had in his career.

"He's dedicated over 40 years of his life helping kids in the area," he said. "It means a lot to me to see what it means to him."

Unsung Hero – Jimmy Lewis