Unsung Hero - George Vaughan (nominated by Derry Mathews)

Each Friday we pay homage to a boxing ‘unsung hero’. The lifeblood of the sport - the men and women who have contributed so much and asked for so little, who have saved lives and transformed futures.

This week, we celebrate the work of veteran trainer George Vaughan, nominated by his former fighter and now fellow coach, Derry Mathews.

George and Jazza
Jazza Dickens

Alongside his number two Derry, Georgie is currently deep in camp with Jazza Dickens as he prepares for his date with destiny against Kid Galahad. The fight for the vacant IBF featherweight world title is scheduled for June.

“If there’s something in boxing that George doesn’t know, then it’s not worth knowing,” said Derry. “He’s had Olympic medallists, ABA champions, British, Commonwealth, European and World [champions]. He’s done everything in boxing. But because he doesn’t do social media or do interviews, I don’t think he gets the credit he deserves.

“Everyone loves him, but George is just George. He’s there for the fighter and he always says it’s about the fighter and not about anyone else. What he’s done for me, as a fighter, as a man, as a coach, you can’t buy it and I just keep learning off him every day.”

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Unsung Hero – George Vaughan