Boxing gyms battle on despite lack of funding

The government’s decision to leave boxing out of their £300m sports rescue package has put community gyms in danger.

Without further financial help, it will soon become impossible for gyms to keep changing the lives of youngsters up and down the country.

Maverick Stars Trust has already brought nearly £750,000 into boxing through projects, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Nigel Travis is a firm believer in boxing putting children onto the right path in life, something which is difficult to do with current restrictions.

Travis, head coach of Moss Side Fire Station ABC, said:

"We're just trying our best to maintain some normality, keeping the kids involved in anyway we can.

"It is a battle, I don't mind admitting it. It is a battle to keep kids involved and competing, there is no end game at the moment."

Matthew Knipe is a European Championship silver medalist , and he is doing the best he can to keep up with his training despite not competing since March.

He said: "I'd be in the gym at least three times a week and then I'd be doing my own stuff like running and fitness outside of the gym as well.

Promoter Eddie Hearn wrote an open letter to the government last week calling for funding at the grassroots level of the sport, but he is yet to receive a reply.

Despite widespread support across the country, it is yet to be seen whether amateur boxing clubs will get the help they need to survive.

Boxing gyms battle on despite lack of funding