Box Ability in Liverpool

Young people with high needs have been given a huge boost at weekly 'BoxAbility' classes in Liverpool.

BoxAbility members with Derry - in his fine slippers!

Based at the Marybone gym headed up by former champ Derry Mathews, post-19 men and women from Flourish Further Education in Knowsley and Calder Breaks in Rainhill, have been put through their paces in separate groups at the boxing sessions.

Derry said: "It's fantastic working with them all. They really enjoy the sessions and it's very rewarding for all of us."

Supported by Maverick Stars Trust, the initiative has joined forces with Boxing Awards - an organisation that delivers beginners boxing qualifications.

The preliminary, standard and bronze awards are all being delivered by Derry and his coaches at the gym. The young people all receive booklets, certificates and medals at the completion of each eight-week cycle.

All COVID protocols have been employed with all those taking part, doing so in their own bubbles.



Box Ability in Liverpool