Unsung Hero - Sean Rafferty

Each Friday we pay homage to a boxing ‘unsung hero’. The lifeblood of the sport - the men and women who have contributed so much and asked for so little, who have saved lives and transformed futures.

This week, we celebrate the work of Sean Rafferty, nominated by his former fighter and now fellow coach, Steve Maylett. It was at Ancoats Lads Boxing Club, under the guidance of Sean that Steve learned to box, his mentor's methods sank in.  Steve has gone on to carve out a top career as both an amateur and professional coach, training hundreds of local children and stars including former world champion Terry Flanagan, Sam Maxwell, Liam Taylor and Zak Miller.

"I think he was the best of his generation in teaching you footwork. I built from there upwards," said Steve. "A lot of the fundamentals came from what Sean taught me. He's given his life to boxing. Not a lot of people know him, he doesn't do social media. He's always stayed self-efficient and he's an unsung hero for this part of Manchester. I know people who come to the boxing gym, they've not boxed for 15 years, but they still come and train. He's changed hundreds of lives."


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Unsung Hero – Sean Rafferty