Quigg's Next Challenge

Former world champion Scott Quigg has joined forces with Maverick Stars for the next chapter of his career - helping to guide young people down the right path in his hometown, Bury.

The ex-WBA super-bantamweight champion decided to hang up the gloves after his last fight against Jono Carroll in March, and is now looking forward to his next challenge.

"I've achieved a lot in my career and I've enjoyed it," Scott explained. "People know I didn't finish school, I had no education but I was very fortunate I had a mum and dad that supported me. I had people that offered me help and direction and they helped me create a path to go on and achieve something. I know how difficult my life would have been without those people around me.

"I want to create opportunities for teenagers who are at a crossroads and might be getting into a bit of bother. Also, I want to help teenagers that are excelling in school - give them opportunities to go even further."

Scott will be spearheading Maverick Stars 'Sting Like a Bee' initiative in Bury. The programme, which helps to tackle anti-social behaviour by providing boxing training and employment opportunities, has proved to be a big success in the nine other boroughs of Greater Manchester and is now being delivered in other parts of the UK.

"I've seen what Maverick Stars has done - through a mutual friend we were connected," Scott said. "The town of Bury has done so much for me - boxing was banned in Bury but the council overturned that so I could fight in my home town. I think we can do really good things with help from Maverick Stars."


Quigg’s Next Challenge