Unsung Hero - Les Welsh

Each Friday we pay homage to a boxing ‘unsung hero’. The lifeblood of the sport - the men and women who have contributed so much and asked for so little, who have saved lives and transformed futures.

This week it's the turn of Les Welsh, head coach of Empire School of Boxing in Blyth, Northumberland.

Nominated by former world champion Glenn McCrory, Les, alongside his wife Margaret, not only do extraordinary work in the gym but have fostered numerous kids over the years, setting them on the right path for life.

"I know about the work they've done because I've already nominated them for an award," Glenn said. "The gym is fantastic, they are all really close-knit and it's just great for the whole area."

"He [Les] is one of those guys who makes it not about him all the time, he always puts other people first."

Unsung Hero – Les Welsh