maverick stars team picture

A who’s who of the Greater Manchester boxing scene will be on hand to help launch the Maverick Stars ‘Sting Like a Bee’ (SLAB) initiative in Moss Side on Monday, 24 June.  

Aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour and the knife-crime epidemic, ‘Sting Like a Bee’ will see a series of boxing and leadership programme's rolled out in boxing gyms throughout the region, helping hundreds of young people (aged 8-25) to get fit, stay safe and up-skill.    

Each of Greater Manchester’s ten boroughs now has at least one designated ‘Maverick’ gym which has received funding and support from the charity to help engage and inspire the most ‘at-risk’ young people. 

Special guest speakers, mentors and external visits to places including: Safety Guide, Challenge4Change and Street Doctors, will be organised for each gym. Other planned initiatives for participants include training camps at home and abroad, and plans are also in place for a ‘Greater Manchester Box Cup’ – earmarked for Spring 2020.

Sting Like A Bee Launch