Food Community Hub Continues

Despite half term coming to an end, Maverick Stars is committed to continue providing free meals for children and families in need.
To date, more than 50,000 families nationwide have been fed since the start of the first lockdown.
'The 'Fit and Fed' and 'Holiday Hunger' programmes have proved a huge success as part of the Maverick Stars 'Food Community Hub' initiative. With the second lockdown now upon us, more families will need our assistance.
"We will continue with our food programmes for as long as we need to," explained Maverick Stars founder Charlotte Gilley. "It's been rewarding to see the success of our initiatives although obviously we'd rather families weren't in need in what is such a testing time for so many."
Pictured: Gemini ABC in Liverpool over half term
Children between the ages of five and 15 were able to attend a one hour boxing session every day, followed by a free launch.
Elsewhere, Jennings Gym in Lancashire have been working with Maverick Stars and Bees Country Kitchen to provide food daily for children in Chorley.
The meal pack contains a full adult size meal and a cake/fruit, complying with school nutrition guidelines.
Food Community Hub Continues