First Show Success for Walkden

Walkden ABC's first amateur show was a huge success with more than 750 people in attendance throughout the afternoon.

Held in Walkden Town Centre's Pembroke Hall, spectators filled the seating area in the hall and lined the balconies above. There were eleven skills bouts with clubs from throughout the north west taking part.

In partnership with Maverick Stars Trust, Walkden ABC opened in April 2021 and has proved immensely popular with an ever-growing stable of young boxers.

The project to open a gym in the area proved problematic for Maverick founder Charlotte Gilley and Walkden's former European champion Jamie Moore, but locals are now reaping the rewards and the future is bright.

Thanks to our friend Lee Hogan and ViP Boxing for putting together a video of the day.

First Show Success for Walkden ABC