New Home For Crolla's Club

Anthony Crolla has finally found a new home for his amateur club after fire destroyed its former building.

Working in partnership with Maverick Stars, the new Fox ABC is taking shape within the clubhouse of AVRO Football Club in Limeside, near Oldham.  It's been a frustrating search for a new property since the fire rendered the club homeless in March. But now, the former WBA lightweight world champion is delighted that young people will soon have a new gym to head to.

"It's a great location on the estate," Anthony said. "it's a great location for a boxing gym. There'll be a lot of kids that'll get great use out of it. There are classroom facilities which we can use for some of the kids in the area - honestly, I can't wait for it. With the backing of Maverick Stars as well, I'm really excited for the future."

It's nearly a year since Anthony retired from the ring to concentrate on the next chapter of his career as a boxing coach. He's also managed to find time to help out with the refurbishment of the room which will house the new gym - although someone should probably take the heavy tools off him!

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New Home For Crolla’s Club